Want more bang for your buck? Lend us your guns!

Enjoy 75 percent back loans on all firearms!
Enjoy 75 percent back loans on all firearms!

Along with high-end jewelry, firearms are the most desirable items in collateral lending and offer the greatest loan value.

“They’re one of the highest paid out commodities that we have,” said Mark Johnson, TNT’s director of consumer lending. “They are very popular among our clientele; we have a high volume of trade in firearms.”

Mark Johnson
Mark Johnson

Handguns are the most common firearm we receive, but we take all kinds, including rifles and shotguns. Here at TNT Pawn we also offer a safe place to store your weapons for added peace of mind.

So if you’re looking for a loan that goes a long way, firearms offer the most bang for your buck.

Mark Johnson, TNT Pawn’s director of consumer lending, is a former firearms instructor and has sold, traded and purchased guns for more than 30 years.   


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