Legacy Jewelry to go live on Shopify!

TNT Pawn Legacy Jewelry Shopify

Legacy Jewelry, TNT Pawn’s luxury line of high-end rings, pendants, watches and much more, will soon have a presence on Shopify’s e-commerce platform. The affiliation gives Legacy Jewelry much greater online visibility and shoppers a safe, secure buying experience from a trusted point-of-purchaser provider.

We think beautiful things deserve to be shown in the best light, and that is what Shopify provides for the Legacy Jewelry brand.  We are expecting an early October go-live date, so be sure to stop by the TNT Pawn & Jewelry blog for the announcement.

At Legacy Jewelry, we value the special legacy that comes with every piece. From engagement rings, wedding bands, pendants, watches, earrings and much more, our estate pieces and new collections include brilliant pieces that are guaranteed to make an impression without emptying your wallet.  Just think “affordable elegance.”

Your satisfaction/happiness is our goal, so all of our jewelry comes with a 30-day money back guarantee from the date of purchase and a complimentary jewelry certification. We also offer free jewelry cleaning and free inspections for as long as you own/cherish your jewelry.

Every piece of pre-loved jewelry from Legacy comes with its own special history. Every piece of new piece of jewelry is waiting to make its own history. Either one will be a story worth remembering.

Our Promise to You

We are devoted to providing you the absolute highest levels of quality jewelry and remarkable buying experiences to ensure you find our jewelry exquisite from the first moment to every additional moment to come.

Jewelry Loans

At Legacy Jewelry, we are always looking for ways to serve our clientele. If you are ever in need of a loan, or just interested in seeing what your jewelry is worth, let us evaluate your jewelry for free. We offer 75 percent of your purchase value back on jewelry loans and 100 percent trade up value when you upgrade your purchase.

Let our jewelry become a part of your story as you build a legacy of great memories.


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