Get great deals on back-to-school items through July 25 at our Arizona location. Why pay retail when you can shop for less at TNT?

Save a bundle on school supplies here at TNT Pawn Phoenix, Arizona’s send-your-kid-back-to-school-for-less headquarters. With the exception of clothing, we have just about everything you need for back to school without draining your wallet dry.

We have a great selection of calculators, cellphones, tablets, bicycles, and musical instruments – all the things your kids need and for considerably less than what you would pay retail.

Laptops are starting from just $69.99, tablets from $49.99, cell phones from $29.99, and bicycles from $19.99.

Your kids will thank you when you’re able to buy them more clothes with all the money you saved and most importantly your savings account will thank you.


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