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About Herdez Jewelry and Pawn

Herdez Jewelry and Pawn, based in South Phoenix, Arizona, is a multi-generation family-owned and operated shop where people can pawn or sell items for top cash, and buy quality items at bargain prices. With more than 65 years of experience, we have gained a reputation for honesty, flexibility, and fairness.  Whether you need cash or want to dispose of the items that are laying around, we are there for you. We give you the best price for your items and make quick transactions for your convenience. You get more money for your loans and pay less in interest and fees compared to competitors.

At our shop, we offer exceptional deals on a variety of items including diamonds, gold chains, engagement rings, instruments premium electronics, fine watches and more. We carry something for everyone!

Why Herdez Jewelry and Pawn?

  • Experts in the jewelry and lending business for three generations.
  • CASH on the spot.
  • NO credit check.
  • Short term 90-day loan.
  • No payment required for 90 days.
  • Extend your loan by merely paying the interest.
  • NO limit on the number of loans.
  • Extensive knowledge of diamonds, coins, and precious metals.
  • Arizona’s highest paying pawnshop.
Herdez Jewelry and Pawn

Buy, Sell, Loan, Trade – You Get the Best Deal! Visit Us Today!

Molly H.

I can't say enough good about this place or the people. After being offered only half of what I needed from other shops in the area I gave this place a try. The atmosphere alone made me want to do business there.

I was promptly greeted with a friendly smile and welcome in. I was taken to Larry, the owner, to try to get what I was looking for. He was so personable and down to earth. After conversing for a bit, he gave me what I was asking for. I could tell he was giving me more than it was worth to him, but I could also tell he relied more on the person instead of the item.

They also have such a wide variety of items at amazing prices ... So much that I went back today and bought a gun, for a steal. I've always liked to keep my business in my neighborhood, but now all the business I can do here will definitely be done here.

I strongly recommend Herdez. They get my vote for best customer service and prices, period! Thank you, Larry and others, for being so great!

Jackson C.

I've been doing business with these guys for over 7 years & since then I have never had the need or reason to pawn with any other business! These guys are professional & always gave me what I asked for or did there best to get me what I asked for! They deserve no less👍👍🙏

Tina T.

This place should be the ONLY pawn store you visit. The last time I pawned something was in 1988. After losing my husband I found myself in financial distress over the recent holiday season. I was nervous, anxious and full of trepidation as I gathered my jewelry and set off on what I thought would be a belittling and dehumanizing experience. Boy, was I wrong. The owner Larry and his staff treated me like I was family. They truly care for you and are concerned for your welfare. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the experience. The kindness and generosity extended to me was pure and selfless. Herdez family - Thank you for restoring my faith in humanity. I love you guys!

Luna L.

Eddy, Carlos and Juan were great!. Smooth and easy transactions. Super nice, super fast. Made me feel good during a difficult time in my life. Highly recommend them.

Krista S.

I went to 3 other pawn shops before coming here, they were so helpful and friendly and gave me the best deal! If you want great customer service and the best prices go see them! I will definitely back!

Robert D.

They work with you so you don't just lose your stuff.... they're not out just to shark you out your stuff or money.. really appreciate the customer service at this shop ..I recommend this shop to anyone who needs some extra cash but doesn't want to feel sharked out there stuff..

Tae A.

He brought my jewelry back to life, great customer service only took a few minutes for him to clean it all.

Naomi C.

Best customer service I ever had. Super polite and even carried out my purchase to the car.

Tamara D.

Staff is amazing makes you feel like family. I’ve lived on this side my whole life, and finally decided to stop in. If you've thought to come in, do it.

Mia B.

Great customer service received all the help I needed in less then a few minutes long forward to returning.