"While I was there John the manager was very helpful he helped me find a silver ring and earrings. He gave me a great deal, they have the best prices and great jewelry. I only deal with them they are the best!"

Lori R.

About Herdez Jewelry and Pawn

Herdez Jewelry and Pawn, based in South Phoenix, Arizona, is a multi-generation family-owned and operated shop where people can pawn or sell items for top cash, and buy quality items at bargain prices. With more than 65 years of experience, we have gained a reputation for honesty, flexibility, and fairness.  Whether you need cash or want to dispose of the items that are laying around, we are there for you. We give you the best price for your items and make quick transactions for your convenience. You get more money for your loans and pay less in interest and fees compared to competitors.

At our shop, we offer exceptional deals on a variety of items including diamonds, gold chains, engagement rings, instruments premium electronics, fine watches and more. We carry something for everyone!

Why Herdez Jewelry and Pawn?

Customers reviews

"I took some scrap gold into here for cash. I researched approximately how much I would receive and the amount was within a few percentages of my calculation! Eddie's name was on the receipt so thanks Eddie!"
Dawn L.
"I had never set foot in a pawn shop but considered Herdez after reading the reviews. I wanted to say thank you to everyone who reviewed and brought them into my radar...Their prices were more than fair, and above all, their commitment to customer service is what will keep me coming back."
Mari S.
"They have great service. I couldn't fit my 65 inch TV in my car and the guy offered to take it in his car all the way to my house. they are very helpful. The guy also let me get a extension on my jewelry that was already past due plus he gave me a discount on all my tickets."
Selena E.