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Waiting for your payday is sometimes impossible. When those time you need cash fast. Pawning your Jewelry, Electronics, and Firearms is certainly a way to get some fast cash, but there are times that you need a lot more. In these times consider a pawn loan on your car, jet ski, boat, truck, big rig, and any other heavy vehicle!

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Because Herdez Jewelry and Pawn considers your cars, jet skis, boats, trucks, big rig, and other heavy vehicles as collateral, we get you more money than the other guys. At Herdez Jewelry and Pawn you can expect a top dollar instant cash offer!

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Pawning has never been this easy or fast, with our Quick Pawn Loan Application. Once you fill out our Quick Pawn Loan Application, come down to our shop with your State ID and you will be on the FAST TRACK TO YOUR PAWN LOAN!

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If you need more than 90 days to pay back your loan, come down and talk with one of the guys to request more time to pay.

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Herdez Jewelry and Pawn offers pawn loans on almost all types of big vehicles, including boats (speedboats and pontoon boats), cars, trucks, jet skis and more. To request consider a pawn loan on your car, jet sky, boat, truck, big rig, and any other heavy vehicle that you own, the process begins with coming down to our shop and talking with one of the guys.

We will collect necessary information about you, your vehicle, such as make, model, year of manufacture, and ,condition. Then we will come out and take a look at the  the interior and exterior of the vehicle evaluate the condition to assess the value of a vehicle and offer you an amount for a pawn loan.

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