Top Powertools to Pawn and Buy

Powertools are essential tools. They do everything you need and are the way contractors make their money. But what happens when you need money fast? Think about pawning the tools you do not use anymore!The beautiful thing is that by pawning powertools is that you are using them as only collateral for a pawn loan. So you get it back after you pay off your loan.

Here is a list of the top powertools to pawn and buy in our pawn shop, Herdez Jewelry & Pawn, in no particular order.

Circular Saw Pawn
A circular saw is one of the most versatile tools in the shop (and at work). This tool can replace both a miter saw and a table saw. However, you must have a firm hand and install a guide rail to get precise cuts. If you’re building a platform, a fence, or another outside structure, nothing will replace that mobile device.

Table Saw Pawn
The table saw is the king of the cuts. You can cut your own custom wood, shave edges on planks, and cut large boards for cabinets and furniture. The table saw can cut small cuts and make several cuts precisely the same width.

Miter Saw Pawn
Nothing beats the precision of cutting a miter and bevel cut, which is a must when adding moldings to your home. For this reason, I recommend that you dispense with a standard saw and equip your business with a composite miter saw. The sliding feature allows you to cut wood wider than the actual width of the blade.

Combo Drill / Beat Controller Pawn
A drill is the right hand when working on a project. Keep going and go for a more significant exercise, and if you buy one that plays the role of the hammer drill, you’ll save space in your toolbox.

Wireless Final Nail Pawn
Having a rechargeable nailer is the way to work on small projects or install moldings. This battery-powered nail gun with 18 gauge does not require a compressor. In my book, this is a great advantage for anyone who hates hearing a big, loud compressor. Not to mention the maintenance of a compressor. One of my favorite projects with a nailer are these beautiful wooden trays with remnants of moldings.

Oscillating Multi Tool Pawn
Where would we be without a multitool? On a lot, that’s for sure. The oscillating tool is a powerful little tool that leads to the place you need to cut. Score your frame wood; Cutting out clipping areas; Sand in the closed corners; to scratch the tiles; and even cut the nails with this tool and a metal blade. The oscillating tool helps when a small hand for large tools (like sanding on a windowsill after fixing the wood rot) is needed.

Electric Grinder Pawn
Save energy for more important tasks than grinding. Smooth, remove and abrade the grinding wheel in a short time. Honestly, I can not imagine grinding again.

Jigsaw Pawn
The puzzle can be compared to the band saw, but you will have a Jigsaw that you must have if you can not bring the project to the tool, or if your room is too big. A good Jigsaw will not bring you too far, but it will save you time (and, as you know, time is money). One of the most practical applications for a puzzle is to cut into the leaves.

Turning Tool Pawn
A Dremel is one of those tools that you do not think you’ll need until you use it. Then you ask yourself how you got along without one. Cut the sand metal into small areas; Drill record in a variety of materials and even cut the nails of your pet! This little tool can do so much if you have the right bit.

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Get More Cash At Herdez Jewelry & Pawn

It is back to school time and you know what that means… time to shell out a lot of cash on school supplies and clothes for the kids. You need cash but the paycheck needs to go to bills. Think about getting a Pawn Loan. Herdez Jewelry and Pawn is the BEST place to pawn your items to get the extra cash you need. All you need is something valuable, such as a laptop, jewelry, even a full size RV that the store can use as collateral.


Simply put, a pawn loan is when you give us something valuable as collateral for the money you borrow. We pay you top dollar for your item which we hold on to until you pay back the money plus interest up to 90 days. If you need more time give us a call or come in and we will see about geting you an extention.

We will not sell your valuables while your pawn loan is active, but if you do not pay, we will keep your item to be resold in our shop. A pawn loan is a quick and easy way to get the cash you need for back to school without having to worry about credit checks.


These are the basic steps to getting a pawn loan for back to school:

  • Bring an item to a pawn shop to use as collateral. Keep in mind the higher the value the more money we can give you.
  • Consider the loan amount you need.
  • Talk with the guys and accept the terms of the loan.
  • Keep your pawn certificate. You need this pledge to pick up your item at the time of the refund. We recommend that you take a photo of the pledge as a backup copy. The pledge includes the fees, the loan term, the grace period and the end date on which you default on your loan.
  • Repayment of your loan. If you successfully pay your loan, you will get your item back. If you do not cancel your loan, the pawnbroker will have to sell your item to get the loan back.

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We try to make the gold loan process as easy as possible with our gold loans. As with any of our other Pawn Loans, you bring us your gold and silver to be examined by one of the guys. Once they check the purity and weight, they will provide you with an aggressive instant cash offer. All pawn loans are 90-day terms in which you would pay back the principal plus interest within that time frame. You may also ask for an extension that will allow you to payback the interest to renew your loan for another 90-days.



Herdez Jewelry and Pawn will provide you with the highest rate available for your gold and other jewelry. If you are buying, selling, or in need of a gold loan, be sure to visit us. At Herdez Jewelry and Pawn you can expect a top dollar instant cash offer!



Rest assured that you will always receive an accurate rating and the best price when you visit Herdez Jewelry and Pawn.



At Herdez Jewelry and Pawn, our pawnbrokers are highly skilled professionals who do real-world testing and focus more on finding valuables in a new home over the concentration on the melt value of your gold. You see, we need a constant flow of goods to keep our new and returning customers wanting more. This is an important reason why we choose to pay more. Another important aspect when buying gold and jewelry is the trust between the customer and the company. We believe that it is imperative that you trust the gold buyer with whom you do business, as many of our valuables are very valuable to us. We want you to feel confident that you are continually getting the top dollar for your valuables and, besides, having a stable mind in case you decide to buy a loan. Professionalism is one of the foundations of our business, and we want to be able to show it to you.



Many people make wise estimates of their gold and precious metal jewelry, which is precisely what you want to do. There are two main reasons why you should do this. With the rise of gold and precious metals, all small companies in the US seem to be buying gold and precious metals. However, if your jewelry is not tested accurately or with the correct methods, you will not get the actual value or the maximum value. Some institutions feed on it and benefit the people. The right test methods are crucial because you need to know exactly what you need to evaluate.

The other main reason for getting multiple estimates is that you can have an item that’s worth a lot more than its merger value. In many cases, people assumed that they would receive $ 50 to $ 100 and end up with $ 600 to $ 800 or more. This is why a reliable and well-trained company should rate your gold jewelry and other accustomed valuables.


Pawn Shop Loan vs. Payday Loan

Considering a payday loan? How about a pawn loan?



Payday loans can involve a lot of paperwork full of conditions. Moreover, there may be unpleasant things in the fine print, including an agreement to reduce your salary and lose the right to bring the lender to justice.

The terms of the pawn loan are simple, with no hidden fees or fines.



The Interest rates on payday loans can be excessively bank-breaking and exorbitant. In fact, the consumer protection American payday loans have been recognized as being the most expensive consumer credit. Also, payday loans often include initial fees, bonus checks, and other fees. For example, if you pay too late, payday lenders can apply an additional 30% interest rate on your credit. Adding all this and a small loan can end up costing you a fortune.



No one can predict the future, so it is always wise to protect yourself if unforeseen circumstances prevent you from paying your loan. If you borrow money from a lender’s wages, the breach of conditions will not only be costly, and it will likely be permanently foreclosed, start collecting bill calls and even be dragged to court by the lenders’ lawyers

On the other hand, with a pawn shop, the worst thing is that we keep your item while you keep the money. Your loan is fully satisfied, and you are still a valued customer whom we hope will serve in the future. End of the story.



We try to make the gold loan process as easy as possible with our gold loans. As with any of our other Pawn Loans, you bring us your gold and silver to be examined by one of the guys. Once they check the purity and weight, they will provide you with an aggressive instant cash offer. All pawn loans are 90-day terms in which you would pay back the principal plus interest within that time frame. You may also ask for an extension that will allow you to payback the interest to renew your loan for another 90-days.




Need Fast Cash? Keep reading to see what bring in the big bucks(ish).



Jewelry, especially gold and silver, has intrinsic value. Bring in your precious metal rings, bracelets, watches, necklaces, loose gems, chains, any any other real jewels, gold, and silver you have.



There is a large second-hand market for power tools, both gas, and battery. As with your high-end electronics, you want to make sure that all the components (cables, accessories, etc.) are equipped with the product to get the maximum value, in addition to charging or filling with gas before you bring it in the store. If they can prove it works effectively, the cash is yours. However, since these items tend to get dirty, it is not a bad idea to make a soap lather on it before you show it.



High-end electronics, including relatively large LED and LCD TVs, new gaming systems, digital cameras, tablets, laptops and more, are promising items. The value of these items in the pawn shop is similar to what they are looking for on sites like Gumtree and eBay. Making sure your item is in a state of complete and excellent condition is an essential quality needed to make the most of your piece. Cables, controllers and even missing packaging materials, especially for Apple products, can significantly reduce the value. Also, make sure the devices are fully charged before going to the store so the pawn professionals can test the article quickly and efficiently.


  1.    Coins and coins

Perhaps one of the safest bets in the pawn shop is currency and money. Collectors often go to pawnbrokers to find rare pieces for their collections, so the market is strong. Since we are dealing with money here, you will almost always have a face value. The ideal items to take to pawn shops are US collectibles, gold coins, silver dollars, half dollars, American eagles, test matches, silver certificates, Federal Reserve notes and rare notes.


  1.    Musical instruments

A story about NBC News a few years ago showed that musical instruments are personal objects, much to the delight of parents around the world whose students give up their violin lessons after four weeks. However, guitars and amplifiers are among the most sought-after items, probably to the chagrin of parents whose high school students dream of celebrities in a workshop group.


  1.    Guns

It is probably not surprising that arms sales are a big deal for pawnbrokers given the political climate in which we live. Arms sales are complicated. To get started, you need to be the registered owner of the weapon you want to mortgage and find a shop that accepts your weapon type. Some stores only take antiques or restrictions on automatic weapons. Besides, arms control laws are becoming ever stricter, and policies are continually changing. These items may become rare in pawn shops soon.


  1.    Vehicles

Your boat, yacht, speedboat, your old car, van, truck and other cars are also some great deal in pawn shops. Make sure they are at least in working condition, and you are going back home a richer person.


  1.    Rare collectibles and objects of historical value

Have you ever seen the Antiques Roadshow with amazement (and a little jealousy) with the seemingly everyday objects that bring people with surprisingly high value? You may have highlighted some of these hidden treasures in your own attic, basement or your home. The value is increased if your item is collectible or has a historical value. If you feel that something can pay you a big salary, first check online what you are doing with it and continue from there.

Is A Pawn Loan Right For You?

When you get here you will see why we have been the pawn shop that our neighbors have been turning to. We understand that times are tough, especially in today’s economy. There will be times that you are short on cash and days away from the next payday. There will be those emergency situations that of course happen at the worst time possible. Whatever the situation, pawn loans from Herdez Pawn will pay you immediate cash on ANYTHING of value. Seriously, why accept anything less? Let us be your pawn shop of choice!


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