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Jul 14

Pawn Shop Loan vs. Payday Loan

Considering a payday loan? How about a pawn loan?   SIMPLE TERMS Payday loans can involve a lot of paperwork full of conditions. Moreover, there may be unpleasant things in the fine print, including an agreement to reduce your salary and lose the right to bring the lender to justice. The terms of the pawn […]
Jul 12


TOP THINGS TO PAWN FOR CASH   Need Fast Cash? Keep reading to see what bring in the big bucks(ish).      JEWELRY OR SCRAPS OF JEWELRY Jewelry, especially gold and silver, has intrinsic value. Bring in your precious metal rings, bracelets, watches, necklaces, loose gems, chains, any any other real jewels, gold, and silver you […]
Jul 04

Is A Pawn Loan Right For You?

When you get here you will see why we have been the pawn shop that our neighbors have been turning to. We understand that times are tough, especially in today’s economy. There will be times that you are short on cash and days away from the next payday. There will be those emergency situations that […]