Pawn Shop Loan vs. Payday Loan

Considering a payday loan? How about a pawn loan?



Payday loans can involve a lot of paperwork full of conditions. Moreover, there may be unpleasant things in the fine print, including an agreement to reduce your salary and lose the right to bring the lender to justice.

The terms of the pawn loan are simple, with no hidden fees or fines.



The Interest rates on payday loans can be excessively bank-breaking and exorbitant. In fact, the consumer protection American payday loans have been recognized as being the most expensive consumer credit. Also, payday loans often include initial fees, bonus checks, and other fees. For example, if you pay too late, payday lenders can apply an additional 30% interest rate on your credit. Adding all this and a small loan can end up costing you a fortune.



No one can predict the future, so it is always wise to protect yourself if unforeseen circumstances prevent you from paying your loan. If you borrow money from a lender’s wages, the breach of conditions will not only be costly, and it will likely be permanently foreclosed, start collecting bill calls and even be dragged to court by the lenders’ lawyers

On the other hand, with a pawn shop, the worst thing is that we keep your item while you keep the money. Your loan is fully satisfied, and you are still a valued customer whom we hope will serve in the future. End of the story.



We try to make the gold loan process as easy as possible with our gold loans. As with any of our other Pawn Loans, you bring us your gold and silver to be examined by one of the guys. Once they check the purity and weight, they will provide you with an aggressive instant cash offer. All pawn loans are 90-day terms in which you would pay back the principal plus interest within that time frame. You may also ask for an extension that will allow you to payback the interest to renew your loan for another 90-days.